SUP Coaching

SUP Coaching

Twenty-four hour SUP World Record holder Niek van der Linde has left a big mark on the Ultra distance competitions in recent years. He was always looking for the best way to achieve his physical goals. So train as much and effectively as possible, but without this being at the expense of his family life and the work at his windsurfing- and SUP school. He is happy to share all this knowledge with you, by creating a personal SUP Coaching program that is tailored to your needs and takes your life into account.

Niek’s motivation to train comes from his curiosity about how he can make his body even stronger. Of course by training a lot on the SUP, but also by doing other sports and looking closely at nutrition and rest. The ultimate test to see if he succeeded is the Non-Stop SUP 11 City tour. That is more than 200km and takes between 24 and 32 hours. It is not a competition against others. It’s a competition with yourself..


And he did improve himself. Winning 4 times out of 5, breaking course record after course record and taking the 24 hour SUP World Record. And he was not on an 18ft unlimited board like the previous Word Records, he was on an 14ft. For more check his curriculum vitae.

SUP Coaching knowledge

All those training hours, competitions, training sessions he has given and articles he read, gave him a lot of know-how… Which he is happy to share with you. Niek already does that during his weekly SUP Training and SUP Clinics. But for those who want extra guidelines he offers this personalized coaching platform.

“I know what it is to combine work, family and training. I know that you have to work hard if you have high goals. A structured plan really helps you to achieve your goal and that makes you a much stronger person in the end. Let me help you to achieve your personal goals.


SUP Coaching: For whom..?

As a coach he wants to help everyone who wants to get better. Getting better means:

  • Getting healthier. Next to ‘fun’ the most important reason we do sport. Two reasons we should never forget.
  • Paddle easier
  • Paddle longer distances
  • Paddle faster
  • Do competitions
  • Participate at the 11 City SUP  (1 day/ 2 days/ 5 days/ Non-Stop)
  • For people who want an extra training stimulus

SUP Coaching: Why..?

A training schedule provides structure in your training so that you can work well towards your goal. It gives you something to hold on to and works as a big stick. At times when you don’t know what to do and don’t feel like it for a while, it helps you further.

What we do

We always start with setting achievable (training) goals. This has to do with your SUP history, work, family, social life etc. Niek makes a personal training schedule that works towards those goals but fits into your lifestyle. Hey, we’re not pros!! In that schedule we take into account your preferences and other obligations. Of course most of the workouts are on the SUP, but we can use every sport to improve ourselves. If you love to go running or biking we use that for variety. Gym, surfing, roller skating… everything is possible. The main thing is that it is fun to do a workout.


What to expect:

  • Every week you get a new personalized training program.
  • In your program you will find weekly cardio training sessions, interval training sessions and core workouts.
  • Workouts are adjusted weekly if necessary.
  • We build up to a goal and taper.
  • All training sessions are communicated via Trainingpeaks. This is the most advanced training software available. Perfect to plan, track and analyze your training all in one place.
  • You can see your workouts on the website and in the app and they are automatically uploaded to your watch. (On most watches.) This is very useful for intervals, for example. After the training, your workout will automatically be uploaded back to the app so I can analyze it.
  • Info on sleep, food and drink in general.
  • Info on food, drinks, tactics and strategy for a race or tour.
  • Unlimited What’s app support if you have questions.
  • You can sent your video’s for technic analysis.
  • I check your training and will comment if necessary.
  • You can pay monthly or pay everything in advance.
  • I you don’t like it, you can quit every month.
  • €46,- a month.

What you have to do

  • Contact me!
  • Fill in the intake form I sent you.
  • Make sure you wear a GPS watch and heart rate belt EVERY cardio-, interval-, strength- or whateverworkout!
  • Upload every training to Trainingpeaks
  • Make sure you write comments about how the training went. This way I can make the new schedule again.

I like to work on long term goals. I think goals that have to be achieved within 4 months are too short. I’d much rather work with someone on a goal that’s still 8 months or more away. Then we can really achieve something!

Are you interested in a training program? Get in touch by mail!

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